Parempaa Terveyttä ja Suorituskykyä Luonnosta!

Tutkimukset osoittavat, että luonnossa oleilu parantaa ihmisen tarkkaavaisuusuutta ja keskittymiskykyä sekä vähentää koettua stressiä. EcoTraining on yhdistelmä fyysisiä ja psyykkisiä luonnossa suoritettavia aktiviteetteja, joiden avulla pyritään optimoimaan luonnon terveysvaikutuksia.

Ohjelmat on suunniteltu hyödyntämään ja vahvistamaan liikunnan, elvyttävän luontoympäristön sekä eri aistien vuorovaikutusta. Tavoitteena on oppia hyödyntämään luontoa hyvinvoinnin edistämisessä ja tätä kautta oppia käyttämään EcoTraining -elementtejä elämän laadun parantamiseen.

EcoTraining – Improved Health & Performance from Nature

According to recent scientific research natural environments have several restorative and wellbeing effects on people. An exposure to nature in recovery from work stress has been proven to be effective for high achievers living extremely busy life in city environments. Our affinity toward nature is genetic and deep-rooted in evolution. The effects are manifested for example in lower blood pressure, a stabilized heart rate and better mood.

Time spent in nature – Health benefits

10 min – Reduced blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones.

20 min – Better mood, feelings of happiness and peace

60 min – Increased attentiveness

2 h – Recovery of body’s natural defense mechanisms

5 h – Per month. Increased positive feelings. Enhanced creativity

3 – Days nature tour. Strenghtening of body’s natural defense mechanisms. Stronger immune system.

What is EcoTraining?

EcoTraining is a method which draws a selection of natural elements to be used in practice. This is done by an expert EcoTraining guide who will combine the elements with mental and physical exercises.


Recovery combined with sufficient sleep is crucial for wellbeing and for maintaining high-performance levels at work. EcoTraining focuses on providing preventive measures and best possible tools to learn balancing with stress and the importance of recovery. The training will take place in selected natural environments.

To whom?

EcoTraining services are available for corporate clients, CEOs, managers, leaders and startup entrepreneurs.

Key elements of EcoTraining:

1. Natural environment

2. Physical activity

3. Stress control

4. Recovery

5. Learning

The validity of EcoTraining-method is backed by the latest research.

Through different types of research projects, partners and a network of experts in wellbeing and coaching field, we are strengthening the scientific validity of our EcoTraining methods.

Research data facilitates the development of services

The Natural Resources Institute Finland is conducting research into ways in which natural environments improve health and well-being. In Finland, research cooperation relating to well-being is concentrated on the University of Tampere and the National Institute of Health and Welfare. Extensive international collaborations are involved in this research.